Leadership Expert, Author & Keynote Speaker

Stephen Scott has a reputation for profoundly changing the way thousands of current and aspiring leaders see themselves, others, their organisations, and leadership overall.

Stephen Scott's Bio


Few people have influenced the mindsets of leaders more than Stephen Scott.

A prominent, highly sought after author, speaker and mentor of leaders, Stephen is committed to building a strong ethics based leadership philosophy that resets the way leaders see themselves, others, leadership and the cultures they influence. His impact as an author, speaker and mentor is far reaching. From C-Suite executives to frontline staff, Stephen has connected with, and profoundly shifted the paradigms of thousands of aspiring and current leaders in Australia and overseas.

When Stephen presents to his audiences, he is a compelling story teller who speaks from his heart with warmth, energy, credibility and humour. His influential first book published in 2018 titled The 15 Disciplines – The Essential Checklist for Productive Leaders, resonated so strongly with his readers that he decided to evolve the ideas in 2021, forming his latest book Ethics Trump Power which is available globally.

Stephen has developed leaders across a wide range of sectors including defence, civil engineering, education, public health, environmental science, renewable energies, elite sport, aviation, farming and agriculture. He was the recipient of the Dux Award for Officer Qualities at the Officers Training School at the Royal Australian Air Force College and received an Air Commander Australia Commendation for his leadership as a Senior Executive serving at No. 1 Squadron, home of the now retired F-111 strike and reconnaissance jet. 

Stephen is married to Cassandra and they have one adult daughter, Erin.

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