Leadership Expert, Author & Keynote Speaker

Stephen Scott has a reputation for profoundly changing the way thousands of current and aspiring leaders see themselves, others, their organisations, and leadership overall.

Stephen Scott's Bio

Stephen is the author of two books – Ethics Trump Power (2021) and The 15 Disciplines – The Essential Checklist for Productive Leaders (2018). He served in the Royal Australian Air Force for 22 years and during that time, developed a reputation for strong ethical leadership in some of the most demanding and complex operating environments. 

Upon receiving the Officers’ Training School Dux award for Officers Qualities, Stephen returned to the Royal Australian Air Force College as an instructor to teach leadership. He later served as a senior executive at No 1. Squadron, home of the legendary F-111 Strike and Reconnaissance jet, prior to discharging from Air Force. Despite the extraordinary experiences he has acquired from his military service, that most people would only ever dream of experiencing, Stephen remains unbelievably grounded. He is a gifted communicator who has the innate ability to connect with anyone at any level of operation and immediately make them feel comfortable and connected. 

For the past 15 years, Stephen has established himself as a prominent leadership consultant, mentoring and supporting accelerated growth in current and aspiring leaders around Australia. He has an incredibly unique ability for building and mobilising a strong, ethics-based leadership philosophy in others, supported by his personal experiences and the strategies and tools within his 15 Disciplines programs. 

Stephen has worked across a wide range of sectors including defence, aviation, environmental science, public health, education, renewable energies, transportation, elite sport, farming and agriculture, manufacturing and many more. 

Stephen is married to Cassandra and they have one adult daughter, Erin.

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