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Hypocrisy is a Sign of Deeper Issues

23rd February 2022

Put simply, we should never expect anyone else to uphold a standard that we are not prepared to uphold ourselves. Though this seems logical enough, it gets much more complicated in an organisation, and especially a large one. Nobody in any organisation can do everything. A leader’s responsibilities will, by definition, be different to those of the other members of the team. Priorities will also be different: the leader of an organisation needs to spend their time working on strategy and culture, rather than directly on sales, for example.

But what can be dangerous is the belief that certain members of a team not only do different jobs, but should be held to different standards.

The 15 Disciplines Stories

STEPHEN SCOTT - Creator of The 15 Disciplines
The Story of The 15 Disciplines - Stephen Scott (Part I)

16th February 2022

If you’ve read Stephen Scott’s books or attended his leadership programs, you’ll be well acquainted with The 15 Disciplines – Stephen’s model and personal mantra for credible, ethical and humble leadership. But the story of its inception is less well known.

In Part I of the story, he candidly recounts the pivotal moment 20 years ago that inspired the creation of The 15 Disciplines.

Leadership Conversations

Podcast Series Hosted By Stephen Scott
Episode 15: Leading on the Currency of Passion

A Conversation with Catherine Clark, CEO Netball Queensland Cath Clark is the CEO of Netball Queensland and shares her insights into leadership in a world where ego is vital for success, but so too is … Episode 15: Leading on...

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Episode 12: Leading an All Boys’ School

A Conversation with Dr. Rob McEwan, Headmaster at The Hutchins School How do you lead in a world of changing social values and what are the challenges impacting a young boy’s character development? How do … Episode 12: Leading an...

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