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Unlimited access for 12 months to the The 15 Disciplines leadership program with new content updated and added every month.
Unlimited access for 12 months to the The 15 Disciplines leadership program with new content updated and added every month.

$995 incl. GST 10%

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$995 incl. GST 10%

Stephen Scott's The 15 Disciplines Online Leadership Course

$995 incl. GST 10%

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Frequently Asked Questions

The 15 Disciplines is a unique model of leadership that focuses on establishing and maintaining three vital conditions in a culture within a purposeful framework. It will teach you how to grow productivity while at the same time focusing on improving people’s quality of life. The final condition is building sustainable capacity in your team so that productivity and wellbeing continue to improve without you.

Anyone who wants to be a better leader. We have C-Suite executives, CEOs, school principals, sports coaches, teachers, customer service reps, mums and dads complete this course and love it. This program is life changing for you and game changing for the team you represent as a leader.

We have a saying on The 15 Disciplines course, ‘Leadership can’t be taught, it can only be learned'. What you learn is entirely up to you but let us just say this. We have people who have completed a Masters in Leadership and still they tell us that The 15 Disciplines is the best PD they have every received on leadership. The 15 Disciplines is widely understood by the many who have completed the program as life changing for people and game changing for organisations.

There is so much content and it keeps growing. 6.5 hours of video lessons, 3.5 hours of The 15 Disciplines audiobook, the equivalent of 75 A4 pages of course notes, a downloadable PDF leadership journal, member exclusive articles and so much more. We’ll even mail a copy of Stephen’s latest book, Ethics Trump Power.

Easy. Get started by clicking the button, fill in a few details and log in. Everything after that is automated provided you have internet access! You can then bookmark this in your internet browser and complete your lessons on any device at anytime. Sit under a tree outside, listen to a lesson while driving a car, exercising or having lunch. The choice is yours.

Your subscription is for 12 months. You can renew it at the end if you want to.

Yes, but if you have a question about leadership, you are always welcome to contact us. We are here to help.

A smart phone, tablet or PC will do the job. You will view it in your browser so Apple or Android will work either way.

At the end of each phases of learning you will get 5 multi-choice questions to answer. This is more to do with consolidating your learning than it is about assessment. Also, your last task is to complete a reflective assignment and upload it for review. Once you receive it back from us, your certificate can be downloaded.

It does, but maybe not in a way that you are used to. Stephen’s lessons will really challenge you to think about yourself and your own influence first, and then give you some really powerful ways to connect and positively influence people to get the best from them.   

Every leader has material, financial and human resources available to them. Productivity is a measure of the ratio of outputs relative to inputs. So, The 15 Disciplines program challenges you to think about what you are getting in return from those resources through your leadership of them, and how you can continually improve that ratio.

It is up to you. You have 12 months to complete it but it doesn’t take that long. You could do it many times over in a year.

No, don't do that. This is an individual subscription and if you did that, we would consider that as breaking the terms and conditions of your contract with us. If you have a friend who would benefit from this course, gift them the gift that keeps on giving by inviting them to join with you. We can track logins, downloads and streams so we’ll know.

If you’d like to teach a team of people in The 15 Disciplines, we can arrange a corporate package for you. Please use the contact form below to tell us about your requirements.

Yes, over and over and over if you wish. It is yours for 12 months. We’d love it if you did it many times because it would mean you love it also!

You are welcome to purchase a program and gift it to another person. All you need to do is include their email address and they will receive a message to set up their own login credentials.

Yes you can. Contact our office using the contact form below and let us know how many you want to purchase. We’ll set up a separate account and send you an invoice to pay. We then send your team individual coupons to use to login and get going. It really is that simple.

Your 12 month subscription starts ticking away from the date of purchase. However you can start the lessons anytime you want after the purchase date.

Yes. Contact us through the contact form below and we’ll organise an alternative payment method for you.

Absolutely yes. Your data is protected by us and we will not share it with, or sell it to, anyone. We don’t like it when someone does that to us without our consent so we would never do it to you.

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