Game-Changing for Organisations, Life-Changing for People

Stephen inspires audiences with his stories and empowers them with strategies to develop more thoughtful, self-directed and ethical leadership.

The 15 Disciplines Workshops & Programs

The 15 Disciplines exist to help people recognise, understand and master the fundamentals of leadership that are too often overlooked today. Along with Stephen’s own personal example, the disciplines have become the inspiration for leadership teams to take action with stronger, more ethical and inclusive leadership.

The 15 Disciplines have become the foundation of Stephen’s work, focusing on developing leaders capable of generating cultures of sustainably high productivity and quality of life. Stephen facilitates a variety of programs ranging from one-day workshops to five-day professional growth programs tailored to your organisation’s context and requirements.

Keynote Speaking

Stephen inspires and energises audiences whilst sharing his vast military and corporate leadership experiences. He customises his works from Ethics Trump Power and The 15 Disciplines – The Essential Checklist for Productive Leaders to match the theme, focus and objectives of your event.


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